9 Best Attractions And Things To Do In Bangalore

Things To Do In Bangalore

Known as the Garden City, Bangalore offers the perfect blend of intense historical and cultural experiences. You might also have heard people referring to the city as the Silicon Valley of India. Its flourishing tech scene boasts over 1000 information technology and biotechnology companies.

History buffs, art enthusiasts, and food lovers are also not left out. The city has something for every traveler. So, if you are looking to escape bustling city life, it’s time to grab your passport and get ready to immerse yourself in Bangalore’s rich culture and fascinating attractions.

Let’s dive into the top nine things to do in Bangalore, India, for the perfect escape.

1) Go On A Shopping Spree On Commercial Street

Which are the best shopping destinations in Bangalore? How about starting on Commercial Street? You’ll find a wide array of boutiques, street vendors, and upscale stores, making it a true paradise for shopaholics. Regardless of your taste or budget, you can easily find traditional handicrafts or unique souvenirs to commemorate your trip to Bangalore.

But the populous street isn’t just about shopping. There are plenty of exciting things to do in the city.

Explore the labyrinth streets to get a glimpse of the history of the city. Here you’ll find plenty of historical monuments and architectural gems telling stories of the past.

If you feel famished, you should add eating at some of the famous eateries as part of the things to do in Bangalore. There are plenty of street food stalls and cafes offering a wide variety of culinary delights.

2) Learn Indian Mythology At Bull Temple

When visiting Bangalore, don’t miss adding Bull Temple to your list of attractions. Commonly referred to as Nandi Temple, the iconic temple guarantees an exciting experience for all travelers.

Nandi, the sacred bull of Lord Shiva, is placed enchantingly on the temple’s entrance. Curved out of single granite rock, the architectural marvel showcases the skill and craftsmanship of the city’s past.

So, if you are looking to learn more about Indian mythology, go for a day tour. There are experts ready to give you more insight into the temple’s historical and religious significance.

Other temples you might want to visit:

  • Halasuru Someshwara Temple

  • ISKCON Temple

  • Chokkanathaswamy Temple

  • Banashankari Temple

3) Get Legendary At Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

If you want to learn about Tipu Sultan, add this major attraction to your list of things to do in Bangalore India. The rule of the kingdom of Mysore based in South India was commonly referred to as the Tiger of Mysore. Simply because of his bravery and skills that resisted the conquest of the British East India Company in the 18th century.

His summer palace is located near the Bangalore Fort, prime for history buffs and adventurous souls. The palace has stunning architecture and intricate artwork reflecting the grandeur and opulence of the past. Sharing captivating stories of the legendary ruler, you’ll learn of his contributions, vision, and role in shaping the region’s history.

4) Take A Walk Along Ulsoor Lake’s Waterfront

For tranquillity and adventure, you should visit Ulsoor Lake. Take a stroll along the lakeside boardwalk while enjoying the serene ambiance and scenic views. You should know it’s the only lake in Bengaluru with multiple islands.

To add on, the lake is also a must-visit for bird watchers. You’ll witness abundant species of birds in their habitat. Adventure enthusiasts are not left out on this trip. Hop on a paddleboard or kayak to explore the calm waters of the lake.

5) Sip Creativity At The National Gallery Of Modern Art

When you visit Bangalore, you might need an intellectually stimulating experience, and what better destination than the National Gallery of Modern Art?

The museum has a wonderful collection of over 14,000 beautiful artworks from renowned Indian artists. You will find paintings, sculptures, and multimedia exhibits showcasing world-class artistic expression and creativity.

On top of the art, the museum hosts international exhibitions and collaborations. So, learn, explore, and be inspired by the power of creativity.

You should also know the two-storied building was the former summer house of the Raja of Mysore. So you’ll have a field day exploring the colonial-style residential.

Here are some of the famous painters whose artwork is displayed in the museum:

  • Rabindranath Tagore

  • Raja Ravi Verma

  • Amrita Sher-Gil

  • Jamini Roy

6) Step Into The Past At Bangalore Palace

Do you want to get the royal treatment? You must add Bangalore Palace to your itinerary. The palace features exquisite architecture, intricate artwork, and opulent interiors that reflect the grandeur and elegance of the past.

Passionate experts will take you through the halls and rooms, sharing fascinating stories and insights into the palace’s history.

Creating an oasis in the heart of the city, you’ll enjoy a stroll in the lush green spaces and well-maintained garden. It makes a perfect destination for weddings. Make your wedding a royal affair!

If lucky, you might catch cultural events and exhibitions showcasing local music, art, and dance.

7) Explore India’s Natural Beauty At The Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Another destination worth considering when you visit India is the Lalbagh Botanical Garden, also called Lalbagh. It is located in the city of Bangalore with a history that dates back more than 200 years. The garden was initially planted during the dalavaiship of Hyder Ali and was later managed by the British until the independence of India.

The garden offers a variety of ornamental plants, a recreational space for social events, and an 1890 glass house where flower shows are held. There are two annual celebrations you can consider when planning your visit. On January 26, the garden holds the Republic Day celebration and on August 15, they celebrate Independence Day. Prepare for traditional festivities and a feel of the real India.

The garden also provides an opportunity to spot various wild species of birds and other animals. It is an opportunity to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city during a guided tour where knowledgeable locals show you every hidden nook.

Hidden Gems Tours specializes in bringing you the most authentic experiences in India. You’ll have the opportunity to experience the gardens with an exclusive itinerary carefully planned for your maximum enjoyment. 

8) Fill Yourself With The Aromas And Colors Of The KR Market

A trip to India is not complete until you visit a market. India is known for having some of the world’s richest variety of spices and other food items. Their culinary scene is renowned worldwide and there’s no better place to explore it than in one of their authentic markets. On a guided tour, you will be able to explore this lively market, which dates back to 1928. It is one of the best ways to get a real feel for local life and experience traditional Indian foods.

During a walking tour, your guide will show you some of the most exquisite varieties of local delicacies. You will soak in the sights and sounds of the spirit of the city. The market is not just filled with food. There, you can find jewelry, flowers, and other special items for you to purchase. Meet local vendors and see what the local life is all about.

This is one of the best places to take pictures. The colorful surroundings will make you feel like you’re in a movie. And, of course, the best part of the tour is leaving with a full belly! Book your tour with Hidden Gems Tours for one of the best experiences in India.

9) Go Back In Time At The Government Archaeological Museum

When you are not exploring the sights and sounds of the city, check out the historic Government Archaeological Museum where you will find a variety of clayey idols of ancient India. The clay models take you back to the historic times of China’s visit to India centuries ago.

Since 1865, the museum has showcased a rare collection of geological and archaeological artifacts. You will see ancient coins, inscriptions, jewelry, sculptures, and much more. Taking a guided tour through the museum will allow you to learn about India’s early history. With more than 90,000 visitors each year, the museum continues to attract tourists from all around the world.

Hidden Gems Tours organizes a unique visit to the museum for you so that you can get the most out of your time there. It is a hugely different experience than exploring on your own. Experience India and all its history with our expert tour guides. Book your tour and allow us to do the planning for you. Pack your bags and prepare to see the best of India’s hidden gems!

Get Your Bags Ready!

Bangalore, India, offers a plethora of attractions and activities that will satisfy the most adventurous and curious travelers. To make sure you make the most of your time in Bangalore, book your adventure with Hidden Gems Tours.

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An action-packed day tour where the journey is as exciting as the destinations.

Typical itinerary:

Stop At: Ramanagara

We believe food is an integral part of an Indian cultural experience; hence we start our tour early and detour from the highway to visit a traditional eatery serving authentic local breakfast. Here our accompanying guide will take you through a sumptuous culinary experience.

Duration: 45 minutes

Stop At: Silk Cocoon Market

We visit India's largest silk cocoon market - a sight to behold. From our accompanying expert guide, learn the history of the famed Mysore silk and the complex stages of creating a silk garment from scratch.

Duration: 20 minutes

Stop At: Keshava Temple, Somnathpur

We get off the highway for an extended detour through lush countryside to reach this stunning Hindu temple( a ruin) from 1268 AD. It is nominated as a UNESCO heritage site and awaiting accreditation. Some of humankind's most exquisite stone carvings and sculptures are here. Our accompanying expert guide will introduce its history, Hinduism, its pantheon of gods, and the context of each beautiful carving.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Mysuru/Mysore Palace

We explore this bejeweled palace, among the most visited sites in India and the home of one of the wealthiest individuals in the world in its heyday – the Maharaja of Mysore. From our accompanying expert guide, learn about the Wodeyar rulers and their incredible contributions to putting this region on the global map as we leisurely survey and explore the interiors & exteriors of this dazzling palace.

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Stop At: Devaraja Market, Mysore

Our accompanying expert guide will take you through a stroll inside an 1880s market stuck in a time warp. As you take a walk back in time, marvel at the sights, smells and sounds of the shops & people in the bazaar selling the choicest fruits, flowers, vegetables, bangles and local produce such as Jaggery, Attar, Masalas etc.

Duration: 30 minutes

Stop At: Srirangapatna

From Mysore, we drive to the historic river island of Srirangapatna. Here we break for a relaxed and sumptuous lunch at a picturesque setting by the gurgling waters of the River Cauvery.

Duration: 1 hour

Stop At: Dariya Daulat Palace - Tipu Sultan's Summer Palace, Srirangapatna

Our final stop is the exquisite 1780s wooden palace of Tipu Sultan, where every inch of its interiors has delicate frescoes and murals of evocative battle scenes, floral and geometric patterns and portraits. Our accompanying expert guide will provide context to each hand painted artwork and regale you with stories of the valiant efforts of this ruler, the Tiger of Mysore, against the colonial powers of the time.

Duration: 45 minutes

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Up to 8


In this awe-inspiring journey, you will discover that stone was clay in the hands of a breed of legendary sculptors, the likes of which are no longer around.

We will visit one of the ancient world's tallest free-standing sculptures created over a millennia ago, then gaze at idyllic countryside scenes that will invoke the meaning of life and such thoughts.

We will move on to marvel at the best collection of stone works not seen anywhere else in the world.

At an ancient temple that doubled up as a dance platform with exquisite statues of voluptuous maidens, surely inspired by the dancers themselves.

And at a 12th-century temple whose walls are covered with hundreds and thousands of exquisite carvings of gods, animals, flowers, mythical beasts, and patterns, sure to leave you speechless

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Our first stop is for a sumptuous South Indian breakfast. We then quickly make our way to a quaint town to explore an amazing medieval temple having India’s biggest Nandi bull; Snake sculpture and the largest hand-painted fresco. It is the home of a few mysterious hanging pillars too

We then move on to watch skillful workers create silk thread out of silk cocoons at a cottage sericulture workshop. Get to know the various stages in the creation of fine silk cloth that this region is historically famous for. The next stop is a pottery workshop where you can try your hand at making a custom urn or a pot of clay. A visit to a quaint century-year-old train station stuck in a time warp, follows.

We then move on to explore a remarkable 9th-century Hindu temple frozen in time. It is the oldest one in the Bangalore region. Learn about the fabled empires of South India that have left their marks within its boundaries.

The region is home to one of India’s handful of Biodiversity Heritage sites. We explore his remarkable 800-year-old Tamarind trees grove. The gnarled tree trunks and extraordinary root suckers propping the old trees are a botanical marvel.

Our final stop is a visit to the ramparts of a couple of forts from the 16th and 18th centuries. Get to know about the valiant 18th-century warrior and statesman, Tipu Sultan and his indelible impact and contributions.

We are back in Bangalore by about 6 pm.

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The legacy of over 150 years of British presence in Bangalore is hard to miss if you are in the city. For example, The broad roads laid out over 200 years ago for horse carriages, bullock carts, and horsemen do a fine job of carrying the chaotic traffic of this day.

The British brought to Bangalore promenades, parks, churches, schools, hospitals, pubs, clubs, shopping centers, dance halls, race courses, golf ranges, cricket, etc where there was none before.

In this specially curated tour, we will explore in detail many of the fascinating landmarks of that era as well as sneak a peek at a few more that have left an indelible mark on the cityscape of Bangalore

You will also learn how events of that era have shaped a modest town to become one of the largest cities in India in a few generations; how the capital of an unknown state has become the outsourcing capital of the world.